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Think Positive English

a unique approach to language learning

My name is Sarah. I am an English teacher and Language Anxiety Coach.
I help people overcome their fear of speaking and using English. 

Learn more about Language Anxiety.

"Sarah is a very patient teacher and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Sometimes, when I can't express it accurately, she always tolerates me and encourages me. In the classroom, I gradually know where I need to improve, and I also find that I am not so afraid of making mistakes in expression. Learning English is a long way, but it's a good start! Thank you, Sarah!"
Delia, China


Think Positive English

Think Positive English offers a unique approach to English language learning, combining a truly student-centred approach that puts you in control of your learning with a safe space to develop a healthy mindset towards your English and yourself.  

With options ranging from short mini-courses to bespoke, year-long programmes, Think Positive English is the best place for you to begin unlocking your innate language gifts.



Mindset Reset Mini-Course

Do you wonder why you feel anxious about speaking English?  Maybe you never seem to reach your goal but you can't figure out why. 


The Mindset Reset Mini-Course shows you how your thinking and beliefs get between you and the outcomes you're looking for and supports you as you start to move beyond this to a more joyful, productive way of learning English. 

Stressed Woman

The IELTS Stress Fixer

Are you working night and day to get the IELTS score you need?  Are you struggling to make progress and beginning to doubt your abilities?

The IELTS Stress Fixer targets the three areas that are most challenging for IELTS candidates - the Speaking paper, the Writing paper and developing a positive yet resilient mindset towards yourself, your learning and your results.


General English Programmes

Available as three-month courses or year-long programmes, general English with me offers you a completely bespoke learning experience.  


Explore the topics that fascinate you. Grow the language that matters to you.  Develop positive habits so that you can finally communicate in the way you have always wanted to.


Exam Programmes

Maybe your IELTS exam is just around the corner or perhaps you dream of passing a high-level Cambridge exam.  Either way, you will benefit from having support and guidance on your journey. 


My exam programmes offer a personal approach to exam study with unique features such as model texts, essay upgrades and thorough feedback on writing and speaking assignments.  As well as this, you'll be supported to develop the study habits and mental resilience you need to succeed.

Sometimes, one session is enough to answer a question or solve a problem!
Perhaps you need some last-minute guidance before an exam or help tackling an important presentation. 

A 90-minute coaching session will give you time and space to focus on a specific language or mindset issue that you need help with. 


Single Coaching Session

If you have a question or would like more information, get in touch with me directly.

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"I grew up from A2 to B1 this year but it was very difficult especially the grammar. 

However Sarah's explanation was always easy to understand so I enjoy my lesson every time!"
Yurie, Japan


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