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Language Learning and Coaching 

Whether you are preparing for an exam, need English at work or are learning for personal enjoyment, my language learning and coaching courses help you to improve your language abilities and gain clarity and control over the anxiety that that comes with speaking a foreign language. 

With courses ranging from quick mini-courses to in-depth, year-long programmes,

you will be able to find the perfect solution to your language learning needs.

"Sarah, I am learning a lot from you. I appreciate your dedication, your patience and your teaching methods that are opening doors for me, thank you so much for everything"
Lucas, Brazil



Mindset Reset Mini-Course

Regain your confidence and control over your language learning

Does speaking English fill you with worry or fear?  Are you frustrated at never reaching your goals no matter how much effort you put in?  

The Mindset Reset Mini-Course shows you how your thinking and beliefs are coming between you and the outcomes you're looking for.  In this short mini-course, you'll learn how to set powerful, realistic goals, how to gain control over your negative self-talk and how to build a communication mindset instead of a mistake mindset. 

Stressed Woman

IELTS Stress Fixer

Struggling with IETLS?  The IELTS Stress Fixer will help you find your clarity and confidence again!

IELTS really is a monster of an exam and it's no wonder that so many people struggle to achieve the score they so desperately want.  Whether you're in need to some last-minute support, are finding it hard to stay positive or want uber-detailed feedback on your speaking and writing, this is the course for you.


General English Courses

Whatever your reason for learning, a bespoke General English course will get you where you want to be

Together, we'll set clear and achievable goals that will propel you forwards.  You'll get one-to-one classes and extended study weeks to give you the chance to get your teeth into a more substantial piece of self-study (I don't like the word 'homework'!), all the while being supported by me.  All my General English courses are completely unique and are created afresh for each individual student.  This gives you a deeply personalised learning experience where you can develop the language skills and topics that really matter to you.  For information about the extended study weeks, click here.

Exam English Course

IELTS and the Cambridge exams are tough challenges to face alone so having an experienced guide to support you is invaluable

My exam programmes come with unique features including model texts for you to analyse and use as support, and essay upgrades so you can see how to express your ideas in more natural English.  You'll also receive detailed feedback on your writing and speaking tasks.  Regular extended study weeks give you the opportunity to tackle larger assignments such as complete mock tests or vocabulary review while knowing help is available whenever you need it.  For information about the extended study weeks, click here.


Single Coaching Session

Sometimes, one session is enough to overcome a problem!  

If you need last-minute guidance before your big exam or want to run through a presentation, a single session will be perfect.  You can also use these sessions for dealing with a specific mindset block.

Book a three-month or year-long course within one month of a single session to have the cost of your single session fully refunded.

Get in touch with me directly for further information about my courses.

"As an English learner for 5 years, I’ve been struggling not only with my speaking and my listening, but also with my psychological sabotage. Then, the Confidence course was a turning point in my learning process because it empowered me with tools which can help me to identify my negative feelings and realize that I can really change them.  Now, I feel much more confident to deal with these bad feelings about myself."

Cristiana, Brazil

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