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Stressed Woman

Stress Fixers

IELTS Stress Fixer £160

  • Three worksheets and tasks to complete at home

  • Three 45-minute one-to-one sessions with me

  • Two complete mock tests (writing and speaking) with detailed feedback and suggestions

  • One deep exploration into your mindset and beliefs about IELTS

IELTS is one of the toughest language exams in the world.  Even native English speakers struggle to score highly in IELTS so for non-native candidates, the challenge is even greater.  Too many IELTS candidates fail to achieve the scores they need and retake IELTS over and over again.  This comes at a great cost, both financially and emotionally.  Doubt and fear become part of how you think about IELTS and you start to believe that you will never be able to get your dream Band Score.  This is particularly true of the Speaking and Writing papers where nerves and confusion prevent you from achieving not only your ideal score but, more importantly, the life that you really want to create for yourself. 

It's incredibly frustrating, but it doesn’t need to be like this.


The IELTS Stress Fixer targets the three areas that are most challenging for IELTS candidates - the Speaking paper, the Writing paper and developing a positive yet resilient mindset towards yourself, your learning and your results.   

With the right support, you can learn how to not only master the individual parts of the exam, but also to overcome your fear.  You can get crystal clear on what the IELTS examiners are looking for making it far easier for you to gain valuable points.  You can create a rock-solid mindset with unshakable belief in yourself and your abilities.  You can develop strategies to handle your nerves and take back control of your thoughts and feelings. 


And when you do all this, you become unstoppable.     


In the IELTS Stress Fixer you will: 

  • get three 45-minute classes to deep dive into your IELTS speaking and writing as well as your mindset

  • learn powerful techniques for managing your nerves in the build up to the exam as well as on the day 

  • do one complete IELTS speaking mock and get detailed feedback with clear suggestions for how to improve

  • do one complete IELTS writing mock and get detailed feedback with clear suggestions on how to improve

  • overcome your IELTS fear so you can take on this exam.... and win

Ready to begin?

  • IELTS Stress Fixer

    Valid for one month
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