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Single Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Session £120

If you have an important meeting, presentation or exam coming up in the next couple of weeks perhaps you need someone to listen to you and help you overcome your last-minute nerves.


Or maybe you're looking to explore language anxiety coaching but don't want to commit to a full programme till you have seen what it's all about.  I totally get that!

A single coaching session on it's own cannot resolve all of your worries.  

But it can allow you to explore beneath the surface of your thoughts, leading to a deeper understanding of the cause of your anxiety.  

This 90-minute session gives you the time and space to have your English checked out so that you know better where you are strong, and where you have room to grow and improve.​  

Book a package within one month of a single session to get the price of the single session taken off the price for the package.

Single Session Coaching: Services

Free Language Coaching Session

Not sure if we're a good match?  Meet me for a free session to explore you and your language.

"Sarah helped me preparing the final rush for my CPE exam. I was overwhelmed by the number of materials of study I had collected and the tiny amount of time I had in order to realistically study to pass the exam. She was fantastic! She helped me planning the study and focussing on what I really needed to focus on, supporting me throughout the way. She is extremely professional both in the preparation of the lessons (completely customised) and the feedback she attentively sends at the end of each lesson. Furthermore, she gave me plenty of advice on how to deal with anxiety before and during the exam. I couldn't recommend her more! Needless to say, I happily passed my exam but I am going to attend with her another course in order to strengthen my linguistic skills with her!"

Valentina S., Italy

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