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General English Programmes

"I adore the beginning part of each lesson when Sarah asks what I have done in the past week. Although it’s a daily normal chat but afterwards Sarah will correct my grammar and pronunciation errors. Besides, Sarah is rather good at find the weak points of mine and she always can give me useful tips to improve. What’s more, Sarah prepares very well every lesson’s material. It’s unique and customized. If you want to improve your English, I’d suggest Sarah! Try a lesson with her and you will find your personalised way to get what you want." 

Zara Zhang, China

Having English that's strong enough to create exciting possibilities, make new friends or excel in your job isn’t a dream that’s too good to be true.  With clarity and a sense of purpose, you can absolutely achieve this.  However, too many English learners hold themselves back from golden opportunities for growth and development because they lack confidence and self-belief. And all the time, they blame their grammar and lack of vocabulary.


I believe that your linguistic ability isn’t the only thing that stops you from achieving your dreams.


Language anxiety can make you feel incapable of communicating effectively.  It can stop you from going after what you really want because sometimes the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone is just too scary.

Sound familiar?

As my student, I am committed to helping you:


  • develop the skills and techniques you need to maximise your potential and develop your independence

  • identify, progress towards and achieve your language goals, whatever they may be

  • overcome any limiting thoughts and beliefs to regain your confidence, motivation and joy of learning


Unlike many language courses, I don't rely on generic PowerPoints or lesson plans; I use a wide range of authentic materials to help you explore the world in English.  I don't believe in the 'one-size-fits-all' approach that you find in course books.  Instead, I treat each learner as a unique individual with their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own individual reasons for learning the language.  I aim to help you expand your language skills, gain confidence in your abilities, and a rediscover the joy of language learning.  All my General English courses have Extended Study Weeks once a month.  For more information, click here.

General English Courses are available as three-month or year-long programmes:

General English Programmes: Services

Three-Month General English Course £490

  • One goal-setting session to get you super clear on what you want  

  • Two language assessments so you can measure your progress  

  • Three extended study weeks to allow you to work on larger assignments 

  • Nine one-to-one classes to focus the language you want and need

The three-month general English course is designed to help you achieve a short term goal such as reading a novel, discussing a specific issue or preparing for an important interview.  Together, we will set a clear, achievable goal and I will create a course that will enable you to achieve it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • how to set and achieve a short-term goal that is important to you

  • how to use study skills to ensure that your time with English is effective, efficient and enjoyable

  • how to become an independent learner who can cope with and enjoy the learning process 

  • how to find, remember and use English vocabulary and grammar patterns from any source

  • how to overcome negative beliefs so you can get out of the way of your own progress

  • how to appreciate and value the strengths you already have


One-Year General English Course £1840

  • Four goal-setting sessions to get you clear about your learning objectives and to keep you focussed throughout the year

  • Five language assessments so you can measure your progress easily  

  • Twelve extended study weeks where you can get you teeth into a longer piece of work with unlimited support from me  

  • Thirty six private classes where we can work together to grow your language

If you’re looking for a completely personal and bespoke language learning experience that will transform your English, this course is for you.  The year-long general English course is designed for learners who are ambitious and capable of committing to their language growth over an extended period of time.  Together, we will set goals that will challenge you to truly extend your language range and I will create a unique course that will support you as you move towards your destination.  This is a great opportunity to work on a large-scale goal such as raising your CEFR level, significantly reducing your accent or greatly improving your fluency.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • how to set, progress towards and achieve a large goal that really matters to you

  • how to create your own study schedule so that you are in the best position possible to reach your goals

  • how to use study skills to ensure that your time with English is effective, efficient and enjoyable

  • how to become an truly independent learner through extended assignments and research opportunities

  • how to pronounce English better and more naturally so that you can feel confident in your pronunciation abilities

  • how to overcome negative beliefs so you can get out of the way of your own progress

  • how to appreciate and value the strengths you already have

"What I’d like to share with other students is how supportive you are during the learning process. I really appreciate your clarity in explaining grammar aspects, your method of dealing with the different aspects of the language, the insights and feedback you give during and after the lesson. You are constantly helping me overcoming my lack of confidence by highlighting my strengths and giving me useful tips to improve my weaknesses."  

Silvia Marchetto, Italy

Silvia Marchetto, Italy
  • General English

    3-Month Course
    Valid for 4 months
    • 1 goal-setting session
    • 2 language assessments
    • 3 extended study weeks
    • 8 private lessons
  • General English

    One Year Course
    Valid for 14 months
    • 4 goal-setting sessions
    • 5 language assessments
    • 12 extended study weeks
    • 36 private lessons
    • Book sessions and lessons easily online
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