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Think Positive Speaking Club

Special Mates Rates Price

£5 per month (usual price £20)

Unleash your true English potential and experience an awesome improvement in your speaking ability in the Think Positive Speaking Club


The Club's Chilled-Out Chatting, Supercharged Solos and Dazzling Discussions offer you the perfect way to improve your spoken English in a safe and supportive online environment.

So many of us these days learn a language by ourselves.  We have weekly one-to-one lessons with a teacher.  We watch TED talks and YouTube videos.  We memorise vocabulary and study grammar rules.  All of this is great, but there's something missing:  communication

You absolutely can practice speaking by yourself; voice recordings, talking to yourself, shadow reading - these are all wonderful ways of developing your spoken language.  However, they're not the same as having a real conversation with a real human being, are they?


It's almost impossible to practice interaction skills such as agreeing or disagreeing when the only opinions are yours.  You don't benefit from rich cultural exchanges when you make voice recordings by yourself.  Neither are you exposed to fresh and surprising new ideas or the warmth of human contact when you practise solo speaking tasks in front of the mirror.

We all know that no matter how good we are at our foreign languages, we always have room for improvement.  And we all know that if we want to improve our speaking, we need to practice as much as we can.

But it's not that easy, is it?

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Sarah Henderson-Sharon

My name is Sarah and I'm an English teacher and Language Anxiety Coach.  I'm also an avid language learner so I know first-hand just how important regular speaking practice really is to your language development.  I know that when we don't practice speaking consistently, we start to lose our skill, just like when you don't exercise regularly, you start to lose your muscle mass and fitness level.

I've created the Think Positive Speaking Club to give you a friendly environment where you can speak English freely and without inhibition - exactly what you need to not only increase your fluency but also massively boost your confidence.

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I know that most language learners are capable of learning a lot by themselves.  My clients work on their grammar and vocabulary, and their reading and listening.  I have met exam candidates who have courageously prepared for difficult exams alone and unsupported. 


But speaking, the skill that most needs the attention and care of other people, is neglected.

And when speaking is neglected, anxiety and doubt set in.  


  • Am I saying it right?

  • Am I making myself clear?

If you don't live in an English speaking country, it may be hard to find opportunities to meet other English learners and practice your speaking.  You might be without a community of like-minded friends who lovingly support you on your journey. 


I believe this is a terrible loss - without this community to help you, language learning can feel extremely lonely!

Think Positive Speaking is my way of helping you fill this empty space in your English learning by giving you the regular, consistent speaking practice you need and deserve.


Consistent practice leads to better fluency and deeper self-belief, while practising with others means you can relax into your speaking and feel like your natural self. 

So whether you want to chat with your native speaker colleagues but feel too shy or whether you have a big exam coming up, Think Positive Speaking will help you to get your spoken English to where you need it to be - quickly and enjoyably.

My Guarantee

I guarantee that you will see an improvement in your speaking ability within three months if you attend Think Positive Speaking at least once a week every week.  If this doesn't happen for you, you will get a choice of free membership for one month or a free 1-2-1.

  • Every month

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Think Positive Speaking

Think Positive Speaking gives you three opportunities a week to practise and improve your speaking:​

Session One:      Chilled out Chatting -  Tuesday 07.00am London Time

Increase your confidence and fluency in the Chilled out Chatting session.

Chilled-Out Chatting is open to learners from A2 and above and offers you a relaxing but stimulating environment to practice informal conversation around everyday topics.  ​


Session Two:      Supercharged Solos - Thursday 11.00am London Time

Overcome your fear of solo exam tasks and presentations with this session dedicated to solo speaking.  Supercharged Solos is open to learners from B1 and above and provides a safe, supportive environment for you to work on solo exam tasks or short (max 5 minutes) presentations.  ​

Session Three:     Dazzling Discussions - Friday 5.00pm London Time

Expand your ability to discuss complex issues in depth with this session dedicated to advanced and proficient-level English speakers.  Open to C1 and above only, this session is an excellent opportunity to develop your ability to debate topical issues with other proficient non-native English speakers.  Please note that an entry test or proof of level may be required.

And there's more!

As well as three fantastic speaking opportunities, you'll get:

  • an online learning community where you can ask questions and get support from me and the other members

  • an exclusive monthly newsletter packed full of useful tips on developing your speaking 

  • group feedback after each session so that you can celebrate your successes and master your mistakes

  • topics and questions in advance so that you have time to think and prepare

  • extra suggestions and help for exam candidates (Cambridge and IELTS) so that you can get ready for your big day with confidence 

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What you get

I highly recommend lessons with Sarah; after years of learning English, together, we manage to deconstruct to better reconstruct which is far from easy to accept and do – I think Sarah’s main assets are not only her way of teaching (which is really student-centered) but also her ability to mix the mindset at the heart of the lessons. I do enjoy our working together, based on usefulness, patience, confidence and also fun! Thanks a lot.

Agnes, France

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